A series of fast-paced space opera / science fantasy thrillers.

They say you can’t run from your past …

But that’s exactly what Sparks has been doing this past year. And it sucks.

Now living on a distant planet with a transient population, ducking in and out of spaceport dive bars, mixing with pirates, bounty hunters, and criminals, she’s successfully become just another being in the crowd.

But eking out a living at the very fringes of society is not the life of her dreams. Especially for someone with her powers.

So when a stranger makes her an offer she can’t refuse … An adventure she’s been desperate to have … Is now the right time for her to return to the planet-hopping, high-risk thrill-ride that used to be her life? Is now the time for her to step from the shadows and face the galaxy head-on?

Galactic Terror is the first book in a series of fast-paced, high-action space opera / science fantasy thrillers.

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Sparks and Reyes thought they had it all figured out. Three lucrative jobs and a hefty payout, until they discovered the dark truth behind their missions.

Set up to fail and exploited for their skills, they must now decide between walking away with their credits, or taking a stand to right the wrongs of their past.

In a race against time and the corrupt Ringdell Group, they must choose between the easy path and what is right.

Can they undo the damage they’ve done, or will they be forever haunted by their choices?

Galactic Retribution: Galactic Terror book two is a fast-paced, high-action space opera / science fantasy thriller.

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In just a few hours, the Ringdell Group will execute Greeta.

Sparks is the only one who can save her.

To do so, she must return to Stargart and leave Reyes and Faz Went to battle it out on Flanterian with the deadly Piltred.

She’ll also be returning to the packed planet with one of the largest bounties in the galaxy on her head. If anyone gets wind of who she is, she’ll be dead in seconds.

But were it not for Sparks, Greeta wouldn’t be in this situation. So, whatever the risks, she has to help.

Will Sparks be able to find Greeta without revealing herself?

Will she survive another visit to the ever-hostile Stargart?

And in her absence, will Reyes and Faz Went survive against the deadly Piltred?

Galactic Force: Galactic Terror book three is a fast-paced, high-action space opera / science fantasy thriller.

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Sparks has made a promise she intends to keep…

She has to liberate Shalk and return him to his home world of Flanterian. Even if that means infiltrating a prison ship where horrors hide in the shadows.

Greeta would leave him to rot for his betrayal, but her allegiance to Sparks is unwavering.

Together they board the Sunny Horizon, hopeful, but neither certain they’ll return.

Meanwhile, Reyes and Faz Went, unaware of Sparks and Hat’s whereabouts, have been ambushed and imprisoned. But as they languish in a subterranean cell, the question lingers: will their imprisonment be the end of their fight, or the key to their ultimate liberation?

Their mission to free Flanterian from the clutches of the notorious Ringdell Group hangs in the balance. But before they even consider starting another war, they must first navigate the perils of their own captivity.

Galactic Liberation is the fourth book in a series of space opera thrillers, where every page crackles with high-stakes action and interstellar intrigue.

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