In a fight, Seb is unbeatable. But in this galaxy, there are a million ways to lose…

Seb Zodo has never backed down from a fist fight. After all, he’s been gifted with powers that make losing impossible. But lately, Seb’s gift seems more like a curse…

Seb’s fearlessness leads to stupid decisions, short-lived jobs, and unwanted attention in dangerous places. In a desperate bid at a fresh start, Seb swears off fighting. But it may be too late…

When a run-in with an electrifying thief and the head of a shadowy organization sends his life spiraling out of control, Seb has no choice left but to go down swinging…

The Shadow Order is the first book in a series of fast-paced space opera adventures. If you like bold characters, planet-hopping, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love Michael Robertson’s thrilling series starter.

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Seb and Sparks were given a choice: Join the Shadow Order or rot in a prison cell.

As Seb touches down for his fist mission, he wonders if he’s made the right call.

The First Mission (Book Two of The Shadow Order) is a fast-paced, planet-hopping, space opera adventure.

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The Shadow Order have completed the mission they were sent to Solsans for. But now Seb has seen how the Crimson Countess oppresses the beings living there, he can’t walk away. 

Driven by his goal to overthrow the Countess’ regime, Seb has to amass an army capable of taking down the Crimson foot soldiers. An army built on slum dwellers, who have spent their entire lives yielding to their oppressors.

Victory will make Solsans a better place to live. However, if they lose, the Countess will undoubtedly make the people pay.

Failure isn’t an option.

The Crimson War (Book Three of The Shadow Order) is a fast-paced space opera adventure.

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Although a fully-qualified Space Marine, Reyes is still just a rookie. A hindrance, a nuisance, a grunt. But when the shuttle she’s on crashes, stranding them on a hostile planet full of murderous beasts, maybe she’ll be given her chance to shine …

It started as a simple journey. A shuttle ride to get a group of twenty-one space marines to their mother ship. Until the power in their shuttle failed …

The Marines crash down on a scorched planet filled with vicious beasts. Beasts they have no chance of defeating with guns and grenades. Beasts that stand between them and a safe evacuation to their mothership.

Reyes might only be a rookie, but with their ideas running out quicker than their dwindling water supply, maybe the rookie’s worth listening to. Maybe the rookie sees a weakness they can exploit. All they need to give her is 120-Seconds …

120-Seconds is a standalone novella set in The Shadow Order universe. If you like bold characters, planet-hopping, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love Michael Robertson’s thrilling series.

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Now the Crimson War has ended, Seb Zodo has returned to the Shadow Order’s base with Sparks, SA, and Bruke.

The sadness of losing Gurt still weighs heavy on Seb’s heart. So when he finds himself faced with another mission for the Shadow Order, a mission that involves the eradication of a deadly parasite on a hostile planet; a parasite responsible for wiping out an entire mining colony, he has a tough choice to make. Go against Moses and refuse the mission, or jump on a shuttle and face the deadly threat that could see him and his friends killed …

Either way, it isn’t going to be pretty.

Eradication – book four in The Shadow Order series – Is a fast-paced space opera adventure. If you like bold characters, planet-hopping, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love Michael Robertson’s thrilling series.

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After helping clear a colony of vicious parasites, Seb Zodo has come back from his most recent mission with more questions than answers.

How did the grubs find their way to Carsitc in the first place?

Does it have anything to do with Moses?

Could the leader of The Shadow Order be that callous in his pursuit of wealth?

To find out the truth Seb has to defy his obligation to The Shadow Order and go A.W.O.L.

In a galaxy where Moses holds great power, Seb has just made himself a fugitive. A fugitive with a large bounty on his head …

To follow Seb on his planet-hopping adventure that throws him into battle with some of the deadliest beings in the galaxy, download Fugitive – The Shadow Order Book Five now.


Seb Zodo had a hunch from the second he met Moses, but even he understood he needed more than that before he acted upon it. Now he knows the truth, he plans to return to the Shadow Order’s base for a long overdue showdown with the villainous shark.

With his friends behind him, Seb’s ready to finally end his affiliation with the Shadow Order and rid himself of the prophecy hanging around his neck. Once he’s defeated the darkness in the galaxy, he can have the quiet life he’s been craving …

… If only it were that simple.

Enigma – Book Six of The Shadow Order is a fast-paced space opera adventure.