A Series of Science Fiction Thrillers.


Could you betray everyone you care about to prevent a war?

Marcie Hugo isn’t a typical sixteen-year-old. She’s been cybernetically enhanced to have superhuman strength, speed, and judgement. 

She’s lived her entire life in the Blind Spot; a garish neon rat run of debauchery. Since her mum’s murder several years ago, her dad’s method for keeping her safe has been to imprison her in her own home. But with her sixteenth birthday looming, she’s going to start making her own life choices. She’ll finally move away to the neighbouring Scala City with the boy she loves.

But when a terrorist attack raises the temperate of the cold war between the Blind Spot and the city, her vision of her planned future begins to fade. If she’s to put her bad memories and the home she hates behind her, she has to act.

With time running out and tensions rising, Marcie finds herself as the only person who can prevent the conflict. But it comes at a cost. Does she betray everyone she cares about and sacrifice her chances with her one true love, or does she let thousands die in a preventable war?

Join Marcie as she tears through dystopian cityscapes and neon flooded alleyways in an attempt to put all the pieces into place to prevent a war that could destroy the entire city.

The Blind Spot is a science fiction thriller and the first book in the Neon Horizon series.

What the reviewers are saying:

5 stars – “Page after captivating page of action, intrigue, loyalty, intense drama and betrayal that will keep you hooked until the very last sentence.” Meenaz Lodhi. (Goodreads reviewer).

5 stars – “Having read several of Michael’s books and series, I’m leaning toward this possibly being my favorite …” David Taylor. (Goodreads reviewer).

5 stars – “… Marcie vowed to stop a war between the two factions no matter what it took, and this is the journey we take with her in this awesome and very thrilling book.” Lana. (Goodreads reviewer).


Marcie thought preventing a war was tough. But that’s because she’s never been to Prime City.

To many, Marcie Hugo is a hero for the part she played in preventing a war between The Blind Spot and Scala City, but to The Eye and her best friend Sal, she’s a liar and a traitor.

She manipulated The Eye to get what she needed from him, which lead to the murder of a connected man. Being Wrench’s daughter, she’s untouchable, but because of her The Eye now has a price on his head. He might be safely hidden, but time’s running out. If he remains in The Blind Spot, it won’t be long before someone finds him and cuts his throat.

While preventing the war, Marcie wrongly accused Sal’s dad of colluding with factions in Scala City in an attempt raise tensions between the two sides. She’s known the family since birth, yet she still pointed the finger at them.

If nothing else, Marcie must do the right thing for those she’s wronged. For The Eye to survive, she’ll need to liberate him from his temporary prison and get him away from The Blind Spot. Although Sal might never forgive her, she can help him by getting the lung transplant he so desperately needs.

There’s only one place that’ll serve both functions, but the path to Prime City involves crossing a wasteland filled with marauding militia.

Can Marcie Hugo get The Eye from prison before an assassin claims the price on his head? Can she get away from The Blind Spot without her dad’s knowledge? Can they survive a journey across the wastelands that for so many has meant death? And if they do get there, what will they find in Prime City? What will it take to get Sal’s lung transplant? If Marcie’s learned anything up until this point, it’s that plans rarely run smoothly and people get hurt along the way.

Prime City is a fast-paced hard-hitting science fiction thriller and the second book in the Neon Horizon series.